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Blake Wyzecki
First seen in:
Ted's Not Dead
Drug rehabilitation counsellor
Main actor:
Dean Armstrong

Blake Wyzecki was a recurring secondary character on the Showtime series, Queer as Folk.

Blake makes his first appearance in Season One, when he is flirting with Ted Schmidt. Ted takes him home, and Blake gets him to try GHB, with disastrous results. Ted falls into a coma and Blake runs out. Ted later finds out that Blake called for an ambulance after he fled.

Towards the end of the first season, Ted sees Blake again at Club Babylon. Clearly "tweaked out," Ted takes him to the hospital, and tries to get him rehabilitated. In fact, Melanie Marcus goes as far to give Blake a position at her law firm, though he gets fired for not showing up, as it is clear he is still using crystal meth. Ted checks him into a rehab center, but when he comes to check up on him the next day, Blake has checked himself out.

Blake does not reappear in the series until Season Three, when Ted hits rock-bottom and ends up at the same rehabilitation center he checked Blake into two years prior. Blake, now sober, is a counsellor there, and helps Ted to overcome his serious addiction. Ted tries to start up a relationship with him, but after a one night stand, Blake breaks it off, because he feels he is a hindrance on Ted's road to recovery.

During the final season, Blake and Ted reunite, and end up as a couple together. Blake is last seen in the final minutes of the last episode of the series, dancing with Ted in the restored Babylon, and then eventually with the rest of Ted's friends.