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Brett Keller is a minor character in the Queer as Folk. He is an ambition, gay director whom lives in Hollywood. He gains an acquaintance with Michael Novotny and Justin Taylor due to their comic book and makes a deal with them to attempt to make it into a movie. His appearance is mainly during the fourth season of the series.

Physical Appearance[]

He is a handsome, Caucasian male within his early thirties. He has short brown hair, blue eyes, and well kempt face and health is at his peak especially due to his routine of exercising regularly. His body proportions are a hybrid between muscular with a slightly stocky edge.


Despite being a successful, wealthy director, he is quite sociable towards those around him, however, to people that work for him (like his agent) he can be haughty and carry that air of a "golden boy".


Michael Novotny[]

They are acquainted when he proposes to make his comic into a movie. Michael isn't offended at all when he ask that Justin go saying that the boss will understand pictures more than words.

Justin Taylor[]

They are well acquainted when he proposes to make his comic into a movie, and shows him around Hollywood when he stays in the months. Brett encourages and looks out for Justin during the time he stays in Hollywood as though he were a little brother. Brett eventually proposes that he stay and work for him as an assistant. Justin eventually accepts and works as his art assistant director for several months until Brett gives him bad news saying they declined to shoot Rage.

Ben Bruckner[]

They have a conflict of interest, especially because Ben is having trouble publishing his novel. Ben thinks he's phony and tells them once he purchases their copyright, he can make Rage straight if he wished. They had a heated debate concerning books and writing in Babylon as Ben thinks he should use his success to better represent and give back to the local LGBTQ community.

Brian Kinney[]

Brett meets Brian while at Babylon and feels he is exactly what Michael and Justin portrayed in their comic and falls more in love with the idea of making the movie.

Conner James[]

They are friends having worked together within the Hollywood scenes. He scouted Conner to play Rage.


  • He is portrayed by Mike Shara.
  • It is unknown whether Brett when to college, or went right into his career in film.