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Brian and Gus have a significant familial relationship in the Showtime drama series Queer as Folk. While Brian had initially agreed to just be a sperm donor for Melanie and Lindsay to have a child, he grows attached to Gus and refuses to give up his parental rights. Melanie and Lindsay are the primary parents and move to Toronto with Gus in the series finale, but Brian still sees Gus as his son and loves him very much.


Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Brian comes to the hospital with Michael and Justin to see his baby son first born. Brian welcomes him into the world with an embrace, Michael takes a picture and Justin named him “Gus”.

Brian comes to the hospital when Gus is sick to see Melanie tell a homophobic health care employee not to be disrespectful to her (due to her not being the birth or adoptive parent) in regards to her sick child. Brian goes in to give Lindsey and Gus the blanket that Melanie wanted to give them since she wasn’t permitted to go in.

Due to his poor relationship with his father, Brian, told Lindsey and Melanie that he will sign his rights away. However, when the time came, Gus was fussy for “unknown” reasons and it caused Brian to think twice, and in the second thoughts, he then refused to sign to the disappointment of them.

Lindsey leaves Gus with Brian for a few days, and Melanie finds out and causes another fight between her and Brian. Lindsey is angry and arguing with Brian when she finds out. Brian’s father comes by and at first, Brian doesn’t want to speak to him due to his reaction about his revealing that he was gay to his father, and then he decides to use the opportunity of hun coming by to let him know that the baby isn’t just Lindsey’s child, but his actual grandson, to his surprise.

Brian later had realizations about the circumstances with his family and his father, and came to realize he doesn’t have to be like his father and that he wants the best for his son. Seeing circumstances leading Lindsey and Melanie’s relationship to fall apart, and Lindsey almost convinced into an arranged marriage with Guillaume, a man that threatened his father status. He brings Melanie and Lindsey together with his signature to his parental rights on condition they get back together knowing Gus is loved by two parents that love him (in this case, it’s three because Brian did this because he loves Gus).

Season 2[]

Brian watches Gus compromising his flirting and being with guys during parts of Pride in order for Lindsey to ride on the motorcycle with Melanie.

Season 3[]

He is asked by the politician if he has kids and how old are they. Brian refers to Gus when he says, “He is only 2.” Implying he hasn’t yet had his third birthday.

Season 4[]

Lindsay takes Gus to see his father as he has said "Dada" all day. She goes into a futuristic spiel saying that he will graduate high school one day, married and have kids which "ruins" Brian's reality, but she ends it by saying he will make the best "anti-grandpa" ever.

She takes him with her to Brian's loft when Melanie assures her to trust her when they are separated that she will share custody between them with Jenny Rebecca Novotny-Marcus. Brian is playing with Gus on his train set, and when it derails, he calmly tells his son, "Let's help Mommy get things back on track."

Season 5[]

Brian makes a comment wondering how he can throw so far.

Despite Brian having given up parental rights, Lindsay and Melanie together consider how he feels regarding their move to Canada so they can feel safe. Originally, Brian declines sending Melanie into her original rants with him, but Lindsay, as usual intervenes saying he has a right to feel that way.

Lindsay later walks with him in the park supervising Gus and they have a talk about the future. Lindsay proposes he can still be a great father to Gus when they let him visit him during the summer and whenever he wants to go to Canada and visit them. Brian, having come to terms with his feeling entirely, is now very emotional concerning his son, doesn't want him to forget he is his father. Brian also gets emotional and says he isn't the only one he will miss, implying her as well.

Brian gives consent knowing it will be best for him, but still feeling hurt with his departure. He says “Goodbye Son.” as he kisses him on the forehead before they take off to Canada.


  • “First night on earth, sonnyboy.”



  • They are portrayed by starring cast member Gale Harold and recurring cast members Logan and Kegan Hoover.
  • He has Irish descent like his father.