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Callie Leeson is a minor character in the fourth and fifth seasons of the Showtime drama series Queer as Folk. She is Hunter's first girlfriend, they date until her parents find out that he is HIV positive.


Callie Leeson grew up with loving middle class parents, as an only child. She and her parents are very close, she refers to them as her best friends and says that she can talk to them about anything.

Physical Appearance[]

Callie is a white teenager with blue eyes and short black hair. She wears jeans with t-shirts and hoodies, mostly her clothing is loosely fit.


She is a nice and open person, always honest with her parents and never getting into trouble. When Hunter tells her that is HIV positive, she understands that this is a hard topic for him and tells him doesn't need to tell her about it unless he's comfortable. After Callie's parents forbid her from seeing Hunter, she is apologetic to him at school but ultimately does as they wish.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 4[]

Callie is introduced as Hunter's new girlfriend, and while Michael and Ben are shocked that Hunter is in a heterosexual relationship, they quickly get over it and tell him to make sure they are careful because of his HIV status. Michael and Ben meet Callie's parents at the school and they arrange to have a dinner all together since their kids are becoming so close. Hunter goes over to Callie's house when her parents aren't home and she wants to have sex, he tells her that he is HIV positive and she grabs a condom to be safe.

After reading her diary, Callie's parents find out that they have had sex and about Hunter's HIV status. At the arranged dinner, her parents say that they no longer want Hunter seeing Callie and that they are upset that they weren't informed and Michael and Ben assure them that they have taught him to be safe and that they were not aware that Callie and Hunter had had sex. Her parents ask how Hunter was infected and because he is upset he yells at them about his past. When Hunter sees Callie at school she tries to avoid him and when he catches up to her she asks if what he told her parents about his past as a prostitute was real, he tells her that it was the truth and she says she an no longer see him.

Season 5[]

Hunter cuts his head at a swim meet, leading to Callie's parents exposing his HIV status at school, which makes him a target for harassment. While Hunter is feeling excluded from his family since JR was born, he sees Callie has a new boyfriend which upsets him and adds to his reasons for running away.


Hunter Novotny-Bruckner[]

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