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David Cameron
First seen in:
Now Approaching... The Line
Main aliases:
Dr. David
Main actor:
Chris Potter

Dr. David Cameron (or simply Dr. David, as he is commonly referred to by the other characters) is a fictional character on the Showtime series Queer as Folk. He is Michael Novotny's main love interest for all of Season 1.

He was previously married but was later divorced, and he also has a son, Hank. David meets Michael after he injures his back working at the Q Mart. David is the chiropractor Michael is referred to, and later, when he sees Michael back at the Q Mart, asks him out, and the two begin to date.

However, they are almost constantly at odds with each other. For example, at one point, Dr. David was jealous of the relationship Michael has with Brian, and at one point forbade him from seeing him again. Michael, on the other hand, is put off by David's willingness to do everything, such as pay for dinner at restaurants, and at one point, Michael found out that David was not cashing the checks he was giving him for rent.

Michael often finds himself intimidated by the lavish lifestyle that Dr. David leads.

At the end of Season One, Dr. David decides to move back to Portland, Oregon to be with his son, and invites Michael to come with him. Michael was originally going to leave with him, but stayed behind after Justin was assaulted. In the Second Season, Michael comes back to Pittsburgh, and after Emmett catches him having sex with another man, confesses that he and Dr. David are no longer together. Dr. David is neither seen nor heard from again for the rest of the series. Although at one point in season 3, Emmett, after sleeping on Michael's couch all night, stated that he needed a chiropractor. He then looked at Michael and apologized. There is another reference to Dr. David in Episode 15 of Season 2 (Rage Against This Machine) when Michael and Justin discuss possible story lines for their comic book. Michael calls Brian at four in the morning to get in contact with Justin. The words 'Maybe we could have a chiropractor as a villan' are audibe before Brian ends the call.