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Guillaume is a minor character within the first season of the Showtime drama series Queer as Folk. He is the French acquaintance of Lindsay Peterson.


Season 1[]

Lindsey moves Guillaume, an acquaintance gay man from France, into the house seeing the she needs help financially and he needs his green card to be permanent in the United States. All her friends confront her of their disapproval of him, especially Melanie and Brian Kinney.

Before Lindsey and Guillaume could go get a marriage license, Brian barges in the with Melanie. Brian shuts them up and proposes they get together having dropped a signed copy of his parental rights on their coffee table. Lindsey and Melanie forgive and renounce their love for each other.

Due to Lindsay and Melanie getting back together, Guillaume has no choice but to leave. Brian holding his baby and taunts him by telling Gus Peterson-Marcus to say, "Au revoir!"


  • He is portrayed by Noam Jenkins.
  • He is homosexual.
  • He, like many others, thinks Brian is attractive.
  • It is unknown what happened to Guillaume after he left their residence.