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Hate Crimes are crime(s) typically one involving violence, that is motivated by prejudice on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or other grounds.

Hate Crimes mentioned in Queer As Folk Series[]

  • Matthew Sheppard has been reference many times in the series. This is based on a true story, but referenced in the Queer as Folk series.
  • Emmett Honeycutt was repeated abused and assaulted throughout growing up in his hometown. He even mentions how a the local mailman used to walk by and spit on him due to knowing he was homosexual. He reveals several abuses as the series progresses...
  • Brian Kinney was assaulted by Justin's homophobic father, Craig Taylor, because he is a gay man in love with his son. One episode, he rams Brian's car and drives away. In the following episode, outside of Babylon, he punches and brutally kicks Brian while he is down before Justin pulls him off.
  • Jason Kemp was a nineteen year old Caucasian male killed in April 11th, 2002 by ex-cop Kenneth Rikert. It is unknown how he killed him, but most likely strangled and dumped in the dumpster behind Liberty Diner. Debbie Novotny took liberty in presenting this to the Jim Stockwell at The Center saying police didn't know or try to find out his name, but after perseverance, she found out his name.
  • Margarita Lopez, a transsexual of latin descent, murder 5 years prior to Queer as Folk beginning. Crime unsolved. Daphne Chanders presented this unsolved case to Jim Stockwell.
  • Natasha Ginsburg was a lesbian elder female, 61 years of age, brutally stabbed to death while walking her dog. Murder unsolved. Melanie Marcus presents her unsolved murder to Jim at the Center.
  • Jefferson Proctor, an African American gay male, killed a half of a block from Woody's; crime unsolved. Lindsay Peterson presented this to the chief at The Center.
  • Justin Taylor, at the time, a young eighteen year old Caucasian male, bashed at his own prom by Chris Hobbs. Himself and Jennifer Taylor present this incident to Jim Stock well and explain that where his life was almost taken, his attacker was only given community service and was a clear lack of justice for such a heinous crime.
  • Darren Ealy, a singer in drag, gets jumped, bashed and left for dead by attacker in the first episode of the 4th season. He is comforted by Justin Taylor and indirectly by other members of the friend group in next episode.


  • Matthew Sheppard's death is the only true story of a hate crime referenced in the Queer as Folk (US TV series) while the others are hate crimes within the series.