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Jim Stockwell also as known as Chief Stockwell is a recurring character in the third season of the Showtime drama series Queer as Folk. When he runs for mayor, his initiates a sweep of the LGBTQ community streets saying he wants to make it "family friendly".

Appearance & Personality[]

Jim Stockwell is a physically attractive older man approximately within his early-mid forties. He has a brown hair, and underneath the business suit, he is in decent physical shape. He has the ability to sport a charming smile and smirk. He presents a conservative appearance and attitude about his views, career, and his life in general. While he can present a charming smile, underneath it you can see hidden agendas in his eyes.


Because of his bigoted views, he is a natural antagonist with the Pittsburgh LGBTQ community. Debbie and Justin represent some of the greater signs of dislike during the third season towards him and very active in sabotaging his campaign towards mayor.

Carl Horvath[]

His former colleague in the Police Station. It is unknown how close they were prior to the series, but Carl was apprehensive initially about his affairs fearing he would not only lose his job, but the force would retaliate by attempting to murder him. Carl overcame this when he attempted to question Reichert, but found him dead instead.

Kenneth Reichert[]

His estranged former partner at the police station.

Brian Kinney[]

Brian assisted him with advertisement in order to help him run for Mayor. Gaining his confidence, Brian was able to find out Stockwell's vulnerabilities. When Stockwell fired Brian, he retaliated earning mutually dislike. Brian was the key in ultimately sabotaging his campaign leading to his indictment.


  • He is portrayed by David Gianopoulos.
  • He is approximately in his mid forties in age.
  • He is married with two sons.