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Kinnetik Corps is Brian Kinney's new firm headquarters. It was formerly the Liberty Baths before Jim Stockwell did a clean-up of Liberty Avenue trying to make it a family friendly place.



Formerly, this is a prime spot for men in the LGBTQ community to go and hookup with other men in the various rooms of the institution. Approximately during 2003, Jim Stockwell does a sweep of Liberty Avenue ultimately closing the Liberty Baths for good. After this, the Liberty Baths was left vacant and empty.

Season Four[]

Brian visits Jennifer Taylor, as his realtor, at an empty Liberty Baths finally figuring out that this would be more ideal considering his unorthodox style about things surrounding his life. She helps him sign the papers and establish his newfound business as Kinnetik Corps. Cynthia quits her job with Gardner Vance, in the prior firm, to follow Brian. Brian hires Ted Schmidt as his new CFO when he figures out a confusing transaction impressing him.

Season Five[]

It's been within a year and his business holds out steadily.


  • It is the first place Brian and Justin Taylor had sex in public for the first time.