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Liberty Baths is located with the gay scene called Liberty Avenue in the city of Pittsburgh. This bathhouse, as well as many bathhouses is a place where homosexual and bisexual men go to have casual sex with other men. Woman are not allowed within the establishment. In some cases, drugs are also involved within bathhouses.


Season One[]

Brian frequents the baths most often in this series. Brian find David Cameron once here and makes it clear to him that he knows.

Season Two[]

Brian continues to frequent the baths.

Season Three[]

Jim Stockwell is instrumental in the closing of this and many other locations in Liberty Avenue making Pittsburgh a "family friendly" city.

Season Four[]

With the help of Jennifer Taylor as a real estate agent, Liberty Bath's becomes Brian's new headquarters when he starts his new advertisement agency.


  • This location later becomes Brian's new headquarters, Kinnetik Corps, when he starts his new advertisement agency in the fourth season of the series.