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Liberty Diner is the main diner and a safe haven for the local queer community in the Showtime drama series Queer as Folk, on Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The head waitress and restaurant manager is Debbie Novotny and varied supporting staff, including Justin Taylor, having worked there for several years.


The diner is a prime place of happening, and a certain safe haven to the LGBTQ community of Pittsburgh. Many LGBTQ residents will hang out, dine, take dates, and cruise in this location making it more renowned location within Liberty Avenue. From Debbie's leadership at the diner, it is a haven for social gatherings for the Pittsburgh LGBTQ community, such as protecting against hate crimes, fighting against the politicians and more at times.


  • Debbie Novotny is the Head Waitress and Manager, and working at the diner for over 20 years. She is responsible for the hiring and firing of individual that work in her establishment. She leaves briefly and lets Loretta take her spot, but she reclaims her old position when Loretta leaves town.
  • Justin Taylor gets hired by Debbie as a bus-person in Surprise! to pay Brian back for spending the money on his credit card in New York, and later becomes a food server. His employment is around 4 years tenure, however, it is on-and-off considering Debbie has worked with his schedule and acquiring other jobs for his resume.
  • Vic Grassi gets hired briefly as a cook during the third season. The orders come to fast and he gets overwhelmed and resigns.
  • Kiki gets hired as a waitress.
  • Betty gets hired as a waitress.
  • Loretta Pye is hired to replaced Debbie in later series, however, she doesn't stay long due to holding attraction for Debbie. Knowing she won't let go, she leaves town and Debbie ends up being reinstated at her old job again.
  • Hunter Novotny-Bruckner gets hired by Debbie Novotny, to be a bus-person on his final days of high school.


  • It is unknown when Debbie becomes the boss of the entire diner, but considering how she was able to hire Justin in the first season, it's safe the say she has always been the restaurant manager.
  • The Liberty diner gets remodelled with Justin's art during the second season.
  • The police frequent as patrons more during fourth season due to Carl Horvath's influence.
  • All of the main characters have been seen in the diner.