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Nathan Maloney is a main character from the Channel 4 drama series Queer as Folk. He is a 15 year old, new to the scene who briefly falls in love with Stuart Alan Jones.

Early Life[]

Nathan grew up in a residential area of Manchester with his parents and younger sister. When he realizes to be a homosexual the family falls apart. During pre-adolescence, he befriended Donna, a school friend.


Initially naïve and insecure, according to Hazel Tyler Nathan is a hopeless drama queen. The influence of Stuart and from the Canal Street clubs make Nathan more confident of himself, perhaps too much, transforming him into a narcissistic and selfish young man, always looking for sexual pleasures to satisfy.

Physical Appearance[]

A really good-looking guy with blond bobbed hair, later combed in a more messy way, blue eyes and athletic body. Disused school uniform, he wears extra- tight t-shirt and blue jeans, as well as leather jackets and other fashionable clothes. He has a nipple piercing


Stuart Alan Jones[]

Vince Tyler[]

Alexander Perry[]


  • I can do what I like! I’M MOZART! I’M FUCKING MOZART!
  • Nathan: Donna, you don’t know her! You don’t know anything! Cos you’re straight! Right? You’re part of the system! Right? You’re part of the fascist heterosexual orthodoxy!
    Donna: I’m black. And I’m a girl. Try that for a week. - Episode 5


  • Queer As Folk aired in 1999 when Charlie Hunnam was 18 years old. It was his first major role, and certainly a ground-breaking event, both for television and for the career of a burgeoning actor. The show’s premise involved a very good-looking, naïve young man (Nathan Maloney) who is drawn into the gay scene around Manchester’s Canal Street, one of the U.K.’s famous openly gay communities.
  • In the American remake Queer as Folk (USA) Nathan has been replaced by a character named Justin Taylor, with whom he shares some characteristics:
    • The family situation is almost identical.
    • Both are very good at drawing.
    • Both fall in love seducer duty: Stuart in the UK version, Brian in the US version.
    • However, psychologically, Nathan is much more petty and sneaky than Justin. Unlike Justin, then, Nathan is not madly in love with Stuart / Brian.
  • Freddie Baxter seems to be vaguely based on Nathan.
  • Nathan is allergic to many foods, including peanuts, and some medicines that might get him into anaphylactic shock.