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Peter Kinney is a minor character in the Showtime drama series Queer as Folk. He is Brian Kinney's nephew, the youngest son of Claire Kinney, approximately one year younger than his brother John.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

After the funeral and at the Kinney residence, he is seen with his younger brother inquiring what their uncle had in his bag. Brian claimed it was their grandfather's head which scared the boys away.

Season 2[]

When his mother makes a visit to Brian's loft, her boy accompany her. He is seen with his younger brother horseplaying around and they are making gay insults saying "homosexual" and "faggot" greatly annoying Claire. She finally concludes her discussion with Brian about their mother and scolds the boys while leaving his place.

Season 3[]

In one episode, Brian's sister unexpectedly drops by his work and asks him to watch her oldest son, John, telling him her Peter broke his arm during a soccer game and had to go to the emergency room.


  • He has an older brother named John Kinney.
  • He and his brother are portrayed by real life brothers Matthew Knight and Jack Knight.
  • By the finale of the series, he should 15 years of age.