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Queer, There and Everywhere is the second episode in the first season of the Showtime drama series Queer as Folk. It aired for the first time on the third of December in 2000, right after the premiere's debut.


Michael remains closeted at work, which results in him being invited to a "straight bar". Justin tells Daphne of his night with Brian, while his mother begins to suspect as to his sexuality. Mel and Lindsay try to convince Brian to sign a life insurance policy for the sake of baby Gus. Brian becomes annoyed by this, and by Justin's continued stalking.

Cast and Crew[]

Main Cast[]

Gale Harold - Brian Kinney
Randy Harrison - Justin Taylor
Hal Sparks - Michael Novotny
Peter Paige - Emmett Honeycutt
Scott Lowell - Ted Schmidt
Thea Gill - Lindsay Peterson
Michelle Clunie - Melanie Marcus
Sharon Gless - Debbie Novotny
Jack Wetherall - Vic Grassi

Supporting Cast[]

Makyla Smith - Daphne Chanders
Sherry Miller - Jennifer Taylor
Tom Albrecht - Todd
Mark-Cameron Fraser - Hottie
Emmanuel Mark - Middle-Aged Guy
Ronit Cohen - Anna
Jane Luk - Nurse
Jordan Hughes - First Kid
Dylan Crandles - Second Kid
James Acton - Wise Guy
Derek Holland - Internet hunk
Michael Kremko - Gorgeous Guy
Robert Church - Mr. Wertshafter
Dianne Latchford - Marley
Laura DeCarteret - Woman Client
David Cook - Cute Client
Adrian Cooper - Senior Client
Stephanie Moore - Cynthia
Alec McClure - Christian Hobbs
Lindsey Connell - Tracy
Michael B. King - Harv
Anthony Mancini Jr. - Stan
Paulino Nunes - Mr. Goodfuk
Jason Gray-Stanford - Brian's First Trick
Haylee Wanstall - Molly Taylor
Tyler Westerlund - Zack


Directed By:
Russell Mulcahy

Written By:
Ron Cowen & Daniel Lipman

Featured Music[]

  • Freefall - Tom Third (Justin in the locker room)
  • Wanna Mmm - The Lawyer (Brian and client in bathroom)
  • Turn It Round - Courtesy of MasterSource (Working out)
  • Louisiette - Prairie Oyster (Michael enters sports bar)
  • Liar Song - Michael Chase (Michael talks football)
  • Think - Peter Paige (Emmett singing karaoke)
  • Mambo Lupita - Peer Music (Brian tells Swayze story)
  • Dancin' (Like It's the Last Day of My Life) - Mike Drury (Michael and Justin)
  • Minimal Peach - Greek Buck (Michael in old room)
  • Sleep - Dandy Warhols (Brian and Justin by car)
  • Dive In The Pool - Barry Harris featuring Pepper Meshay (End Credits)

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