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Rodney is a minor character in the Queer as Folk. He is introduced in the third series as Vic Grassi's long awaited boyfriend at first, and then they and have a domestic partnership. Their relationship was favorable partially as they shared their status of being HIV positive.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 3[]

Rodney began to see Vic Grassi during the third season.

He is first seen mistaken by Debbie Novotny for Vic taking a shower. She is surprised to find out it isn't Vic, but Rodney. Vic goes in from her surprise and formally introduces them. In some time, because of how close Debbie and Vic are as siblings, Rodney feels some jealousy and that they could never really be alone which puts tension on their relationship.

Season 4[]

Vic finally moves out to live with him and they become domestic partners. Vic and Debbie get into a feud and he tries to comfort him about his sister. In their last feud, Vic dies of a heartache, sending Rodney into despair. He feels they never got enough time to spend together.

Rodney is present at a Christmas party that Debbie hosts and is coping through his passing fairly well despite being quiet.


He is well acquainted with the gang, despite not formally introduced on screen. He is well acquainted with Ben Bruckner (due to being positive), Michael Novotny, Melanie Marcus, Lindsay Peterson, Ted Schmidt, Justin Taylor and Jennifer Taylor. He's possibly barely made the acquaintance of Hunter Novotny-Bruckner during the Christmas party especially since Vic hardly knew him.


  • He is portrayed by Gary Brennan.
  • He is another character in the series that is HIV positive. It is unknown how he contracted the virus. Vic and Rodney became a couple partially due to them sharing the same status of being positive. Their relationship has inspired many who have acquired HIV to have hope in romance because it eventually comes.
  • It is unknown what job or career he has in the series.
  • Debbie mentions that he is well endowed in his private areas due to having seen him come out of the shower.