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Season 1 is the first season of the Peacock reboot of Queer as Folk, which will premiere the 9th of June in 2022. Set in New Orleans, the series will follow a diverse group of friends who find their lives transformed in the aftermath of a tragedy.


Brodie's confidence is shaken when he returns home to New Orleans and finds that all his friends have moved on with their lives. His best friend Ruthie and her partner Shar are navigating new family commitments. His ex, Noah, is suddenly exploring a new side of his sexuality. Even his brother Julian seems unperturbed by his nearly two-year absence. But one fateful night out at a club brings Mingus, a young aspiring drag performer, into his life, redefines his relationships and rocks the very foundations of their city's queer community.




Episode Guide[]

# Image Title Duration Air Date
#101 Mingus "Babylon" 59 min June 9, 2022
#102 Shar "Blocked" 59 min June 9, 2022
#103 Brodie "Welcum to the Hellmouth" 59 min June 9, 2022
#104 SharRuthie "F*ck Disabled People" 59 min June 9, 2022
#105 Judy "Choke" 59 min June 9, 2022
#106 BusseyHorewood "Pretend You're Someone Else" 59 min June 9, 2022
#107 BrendaBeau "Problemática" 59 min June 9, 2022
#108 NoahJulian "Sacrilege" 59 min June 9, 2022