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The Fifth Season and final of the Showtime drama series Queer as Folk aired from the twenty-second of May to the seventh of August in 2005. It is made up of thirteen episodes and concluded with a special episode containing interviews of the cast and crew.

The season begins with Justin living in Hollywood indefinitely, causing Brian to turn his attention to a risky real estate investment; Babylon. His club-going lifestyle becomes an issue with Michael and Ben, who are considering a life in the suburbs. Melanie and Lindsay surprise everyone with the news of their split, and enter into an intense three-way battle with Michael over the custody of their daughter. Ted fights aging with an extreme makeover.

Main Cast[]

Episode Guide[]

# Image Title Duration Air Date
#501 S5E1.jpeg "Move and Leave" 48 min May 22, 2005
#502 S5E2.jpeg "Back in Business" 48 min May 22, 2005
#503 S5E3.jpeg "Fags are No Different than People" 47 min May 29, 2005
#504 S5E4.jpeg "Hard Decisions" 48 min June 5, 2005
#505 S5E5.jpeg "Excluding and Abstemiousness" 48 min June 12, 2005
#506 S5E6.jpeg "Bored Out of Ya Fucking Mind" 47 min June 19, 2005
#507 S5E7.jpeg "Hope Against Hope" 51 min June 26, 2005
#508 S5E8.jpeg "Honest to Yourself" 46 min July 3, 2005
#509 S5E9.jpeg "Anything in Common" 50 min July 10, 2005
#510 S5E10.jpeg "I Love You" 47 min July 17, 2005
#511 S5E11.jpeg "Fuckin' Revenge" 54 min July 24, 2005
#512 S5E12.jpeg "Mr. Right (Never Broke a Promise)" 49 min July 31, 2005
#513 S5E13.jpeg "We Will Survive!" 57 min July 31, 2005



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