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You may be looking for the US first season.

The first series of the Channel 4 drama series Queer as Folk consisted of eight hour-long episodes, and aired from 23 February to 13 April 1999.





According to Russell T Davies in commentary that came with the DVD box set from 2003, he began writing the first script for Queer as Folk, which became the first two episodes of the series, in the last two weeks of February 1998. Channel 4 then okayed it around a month later, and filming finally took place between August bank holiday and December 19th. "We wrapped up just before Christmas."[1][2]


As with all of UK QAF, all episodes of the series were written by Russell T Davies. The first half of the series was directed by Charles McDougall, and the second half by Sarah Harding.

Episode Guide[]

# Image Title Duration Air Date
#101 S1E1 UK.jpeg "Meeting People is Easy" 32 min February 23, 1999
#102 S1E2 UK.jpeg "Unfinished Business" 32 min March 2, 1999
#103 S1E3 UK.jpeg "It Happened One Night" 35 min March 9, 1999
#104 S1E4 UK.jpeg "Death and Remembrance" 36 min March 16, 1999
#105 S1E5 UK.jpeg "Constant Craving" 33 min March 23, 1999
#106 S1E6 UK.jpeg "Married... with Children" 33 min March 30
#107 S1E7 UK.jpeg "That's What Friends Are For" 32 min April 6, 1999
#108 S1E8 UK.jpeg "Crimes of the Heart" 35 min April 13, 1999


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