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You may be looking for the US second season.

The Second Series of the Channel 4 drama series Queer as Folk, sold and marketed as Queer as Folk 2, or the film "Same Men, New Tricks". It followed up from the original eight-part series, and aired over three parts, between 15 February and 22 February 2000.





According to Russell T Davies in commentary that came with the DVD box set from 2003, filming for Queer as Folk 2 took place between 4 October and 7 November 1999.[1][2]


As with all of UK QAF, all episodes of the series were written by Russell T Davies. This entire series was directed by Menhaj Huda.

Television stories[]

# Image Title Duration Air Date
#201 S2E1 UK.jpeg "Out of the Closet, Into the Fire" 35 min February 15, 2000
#202 S2E2 UK.jpeg "End of the Road" 35 min February 22, 2000


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