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Stuart Alan Jones is a main character in the Channel 4 drama series Queer as Folk. Working at an advertising agency in Manchester, Stuart spends a significant portion of his time in pubs or the night club Babylon on Canal Street with his friends.


Stuart comes from an Irish middle-class family. He moved to Manchester with his family when he was a teenager. He had an unstable childhood. During his high school years, Stuart would escape the abuse in his home by staying with his best friend, Vince Tyler, whose mother, Hazel, ultimately began treating Stuart like another son.


Though Stuart is open about his sexuality to Vince and Hazel and is highly sexually active during his teenage years, Stuart only comes out to his parents when he is well into adulthood. Stuart feels he does not owe anything to his parents and chose not to disclose his sexuality to them for so long because he has little to no relationship with them. However, he ultimately tells his parents after his nephew, son of his sister Marie, blackmails him.

Stuart's biggest fear is to lose his youth and beauty. His best friend, Vince, often reassures him that he will "always be young, and always be beautiful."

Despite Stuart's seemingly uncaring and amoral nature, he is shown as loving his friends and will often make great sacrifices for them, even though he won't admit it. Although he is not a gay activist, Stuart always acts aggressively toward homophobes.


Nathan Maloney[]


Vince Tyler[]

Stuart and Vince have been good friends since they were 14, and Vince seems to be the only friend he trusts. When they helped clean up the porno stash of Vince's friend, Phil, Stuart planned to give Vince a set of spare keys of his flat and hoped Vince would do the same for him if anything happened.


  • I’m queer, I’m gay, I’m homosexual. I’m a poof, poofter, ponce. I’m a bumboy, baddy boy, backside artist, bugger. I’m bent. I am that arse bandit. I lift those shirts. I’m a faggot arse, fudge packing, shit stabbing uphill gardener. I dine at the downstairs restaurant, I dance at the other end of the ballroom. I’m Moses in the parting of the red cheeks, I fuck and I’m fucked I suck and I’m sucked I rim them and wank them and every single man’s had the fucking time of his life. And I’m not a pervert.


  • Aidan Gillen was nominated for Best Actor at the 1999 BAFTA TV Award for the role.
  • He pursued one-night stands and didn't show any apparent interest in finding a regular partner.
  • In the American remake, Queer As Folk, Stuart is replaced by Brian Kinney (portrayed by Gale Harold), with whom he shares many characteristics.