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Vince Tyler is a fictional character from the Channel 4 drama series Queer as Folk, portrayed by Craig Kelly. He is the son of Hazel Tyler and best friend - later boyfriend - of Stuart Alan Jones.

Early Life[]

Vince was a timid and insecure boy hiding his homosexuality for fear of homophobia retaliation and bullying. When Vince met Stuart, the two became best friends.


Vince is a solar man yet insecure, the classic good guy next door love, pathetically in love with the inveterate seducer Stuart, his best friend. Vince is afraid to come out at work because of prejudice of his colleagues, who do many homophobic jokes. When the weekend comes and he hangs out with his friends in Canal Street, however, he leaves home his shame, although it is rare that he seduce any men, since Stuart takes always the most of them. Jealous of Nathan, Vince is also a mama's boy and feels responsible to Hazel, who is struggling to pay the bills.

Physical Appearance[]

Vince is a man in his late twenties with a lean build, short brown hair, dark eyes and a clean-shaven face. Workplace always wears the complete while in leisure wear and even pole-fitting t-shirt in vivid colors.


Stuart Alan Jones[]

Stuart and Vince have been good friends since they were 14, and Vince seems to be the only friend he trusts. When they helped clean up the porno stash of Vince's friend, Phil, Stuart planned to give Vince a set of spare keys of his flat and hoped Vince would do the same for him if anything happened.

Nathan Maloney[]



  • Sometimes you see these men. You can see them and you think ‘That’s it! That’s him!’. You don’t even talk to him. You never see him again. He doesn’t even know you exist. But you think about that man for the rest of your life… -Vince in Episode 1


  • In the American remake of Queer As Folk the character of Vince is replaced by that of Michael Novotny, with whom he shares some characteristics:
    • Both work in a supermarket;
    • Both are not declared as gay in the workplace;
    • Both are in love with their best friend;
    • Both have an apprehensive and bizarre single mother.
    • Unlike Michael, Vince knows the identity of his father since childhood and also has an half-sister.
  • While Michael is obsessed with the comic book series Captain Astro (created specifically for the show), Vince is obsessed with the famous British TV show, Doctor Who.
  • Ironically, Craig Kelly who plays the role of Vincent has also played a character in a Doctor Who episode.