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Virginia Hammond is a minor character on the Queer as Folk during the second season. She is the mistress of the late George Schickle.


George takes Emmett to the opera where they meet up with Ted and George's ex wife, Virginia, to his dismay. Virginia begins to gets condescending to the couple which Emmett, in defense, says something to cleverly offend her when it comes to "keeping a man" leaving her shocked which greatly relieved and humored George.

Emmett goes to his house and is treated poorly by her again as she hands him his old shirt for sentimental purposes. He attempts to go to the funeral, accompanied by Ted, only to be escorted out by security from Virginia's order.


George Schickle[]

Her estranged ex husband of which they have children with, but relationship is tarnished, but cordial in public for image purposes.

Emmett Honeycutt[]

They meet an almost instantly have a rivalry. Her snobbish remarks backfired when Emmett had "mean girl' comments as to why she is a mistress to George. This offenses her and she leaves the couple alone. She remains snobbish towards Emmett after her ex husband death and even disputing the money left to Emmett from George after he passed away.

Ted Schmidt[]

They are vaguely acquainted at the Opera while he meets with George and Emmett.


  • They have grown children together.