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Woody's is a fictional gay bar in the Showtime drama series Queer as Folk, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with the gay district called Liberty Avenue. The gang will often go to Woody's for the affordable drinks prior to going to Babylon close to eleven at night.


Woody's is a classic dive bar in Liberty Avenue. It has a stage where fellow members of the LGBTQ community can perform karaoke, pool tables where they can play pool, and of course the bar where they can get affordable drinks. The gang often frequents this bar during the evening, but at 11 o'clock, they have the option of staying there or going to the opening Babylon or the other clubs like Popperz.


  • Brian Kinney can be found playing pool while getting checked out by various men that cruise him. He will often be accompanied by Michael or Justin and some of the others in the gang as well.
  • Justin Taylor was found chasing Brian during the first season. After they built a more steady relationship, Justin was found here with their group of friends watching them play pool, drinking and hanging out. Sometimes, he would be accompanied by Daphne.
  • Michael Novotny sometimes plays pool with Brian, and hangs with his friends there. If not them, he was accompanied by David Cameron when they dates, but later Ben Bruckner.
  • Emmett Honeycutt has been seen drinking cosmopolitans drinks, singing karaoke and hanging out with the rest of the gang. He will most often by accompanied by Ted Schmidt as they are very close friends and even lovers at one time.
  • Debbie Novotny will often by accompanied by her brother, or is seen often when there is distress or celebration.
  • Lindsay Peterson and Melanie Marcus will almost often be there if it a congregation or celebration of some sort. They are not big on the bar scene.
  • Jennifer Taylor and Daphne Chanders only meets the gang here on certain celebrations with the gang. They have also been here to look for Justin during the first season when he was chasing after Brian.


  • A hate crime was committed close to Woody's: An African American gay male, Jefferson Proctor, was killed a half block away.
  • The universal motive to go to a bar like Woody's before Babylon is for two reasons: to occupy themselves before dancing at the club, and to get affordable drinks to get buzzed before dancing as drinks in the club are generally much more expensive.
  • Carl Horvath and Debbie have their first real kiss here.